Future perspectives and continuation of the institute

domino-largeThe innovative research field of biological rhythms and clocks in polar pelagic organisms will be embedded in education and research through establishment of a joint professorship on “Biodiversity and biological processes in Polar Regions” between the AWI and the University of Oldenburg (proceedings are currently in progress). The interdisciplinary approach inherent to PolarTime will be promoted with this professorship at the undergraduate/masters up to advanced level (PhD and postdoc) teaching at the University of Oldenburg. PolarTime will provide the foundation to develop and to establish a joint research group between AWI and the University of Oldenburg on Biological rhythms and clocks in marine organisms. This research group will be continued in association with the joint professorship between both institutions and the scientific approach of PolarTime will be actively introduced into the preparation of the new research program (POF III) at AWI to warrant a continuation of this innovative research field. In addition the interdisciplinary network of research groups of high expertise established with the HVI PolarTime will be an excellent basis to acquire third party funding during and after the duration of PolarTime.

The University of Oldenburg in collaboration with the University of Bremen and partner research institutes such as AWI seeks to establish a Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Analysis and Synthesis (CIBAS) to foster the study of drivers and consequences of biodiversity variation from genes to ecosystems. The innovative research field of PolarTime will strengthen within CIBAS the research field of functional biodiversity in Polar Regions under the impact of global climate change. In addition, the knowledge derived during PolarTime will provide a solid basis to extent our investigation on key species in temperate Regions strengthening our linkage to other research groups in the institute of Biology and Environmental Research (IBU) and Marine Biology and Chemistry (ICBM) at the University of Oldenburg, which have their research focus in the Baltic and North Sea. The joint centre of excellence of international standing between AWI and the University of Oldenburg to study biological rhythms and clocks in marine organisms living in a climate induced changing environment will bring the University of Oldenburg in cooperation with the AWI in the frontline of the research field of chronobiology in marine organisms and will strengthen the “Nordwestverbund” as an innovative place in education and research on national and international level.